Tricks for SEO and Adsense to be received in just a few days

Tricks for SEO and Adsense to be received in just a few days
Adsense and SEO

Tricks for SEO and Adsense to be received in just a few days

So the reason for this is:

1. Easy to set up once you get Adsense approval. All you have to do is put the code into the theme file from your site.

2. Adsense means memory, once you have an Active Adsense account, you already authorize your blog or website. However, that is not possible in all of these cases.

3. The biggest problem you will face with a small advertising company is the payment issue. You can get a barrier to receive your payment, while Adsense is very clean and transparent. And also offers excellent amounts on CTR, CPC, and BPS.

Because these are some of the best goals for Adsense options, but because of the kind of good service and the reason it is difficult to get Adsense approval easily. So we know right away how you got the Approval very little or only once. I will share all the tricks into sections like postformat format, website or theme etc.
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There are several things to apply for Adsense:

1. About the post.

Each post is a minimum of 800 words to 1000 words or more. This is a basic need of Adsense. Try to add as much as possible.

Add an add-on or reference if available on the internet. When you add backlinks or referrals, others can see your efforts. For example, I write about Twitter, news or other posts and I quit the URL of their website, so they will get to know you and SEO can also help improve the index of your site or blog on Google.

Add all possible images about your post with as many titles and links as possible. This will help you with Google Image Search.

Your content should be in the correct format, use to write all the details in the paragraph and in a fair format. All small things like font size, color etc.

Need and very important, all the contents of your post should be original. Google can easily recognize the copied content. So do not ever do it.

Never try to add sexual type, insult religion or hacking to your post. These things can give you more views, but 100%, you will get disapproval of Adsense.

2. About the Website.

Buy your own domain name if possible. You can also use the blogspot domain for your blog, but using your own domain will show your efforts and this will represent your passion for your blog.

Add more features to your blog, because you can do a live chat for you, add an active viewer to your blog, or add a poll to get user reviews through Google Spreadsheets.

And, most importantly, do not add too many widgets to your side and in addition to the web page menu, it must be very understandable to all your viewers.

3. Another thing to know

You can apply for Adsense at any time, but try to reach at least 1000 viewers in a short period of time.

On many sites or blogs you will find people saying that you need at least 20 - 30 posts to get adsense approval. But there is nothing like it if you follow the rules above and you only have 10 posts, then you can also get from AdSense.

Source: engineeringway and other sources.
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