Hosting is very important for a blog or website, I think hosting will affect the progress of a blog or website, Hosting Tips for Choosing a Good that I took from my personal experience.

Before subscribing Hosting, we suggest first learn a few things:
Look at the size of bandwidth, space and costs. It is important also, you should be able to measure also your need in choosing a package, for personal blog may also choose small capacity. Compare the price of any size with the other hosting, do not be tempted by the advertisements that they install, select which provide optimal service.


Hosting uptime is host not down, server down characteristic usually is a slow loading time, when our Internet connection is good. Minimum check whether the host has long operated, the right domain and hosting you buy is very important as well, you do not want your domain suddenly taken by others for reasons you have not had any ownership rights over the domain.

Web hosting services are internet services that provide resources for leased servers that allow the organization or individual to place information on the Internet such as HTTP, FTP, EMAIL, or DNS.

The website is a building, then hosting is a piece of land and the domain is the address of the land plot. A hosting consists of a server or a combination of servers connected to high-speed internet network.

There are several types of hosting services namely hosting shared (Shared Hosting), dedicated hosting (Dedicated Hosting), VPS (Virtual Private Server) and server collocation (Colocation Server).

1. Hosting shared (Shared Hosting).
Shared hosting is a hosting service where an account hos put together some other hos accounts in the same server, and use the service together. One website to share server resources such as RAM and CPU with other users. One server can be inhabited by little, very little, hundreds to thousands of clients. According to the concept of sharing, server maintenance costs would be divided according to the number of clients. More and more clients who inhabit a single server, it is usually the cheaper the cost of rent to be paid clients.

2. Server Dedication (Dedicated Server)
A dedicated server is the server used to run applications with high loads and can not be operated in hos share (shared hosting) or VPS. These servers can be provided by the tenant or borrowed from the owner of the data center location (the data center) to the tenant. Provider to provide a set of complete physical web server with the operating system. Users gain root access to go to the web server, and in charge of maintenance of the server that has been provided through the access that has been provided

3. Virtual Private Server
Virtual Private Server (VPS) created by dividing a physical server resources into virtualized servers where resource can be allocated in a way that will not affect the server hardware directly. Therefore, in the VPS there are multiple operating systems running simultaneously.

4. The server collocation (Colocation Server)
Collocation server is a server that is deposited somewhere where the internet service provider Internet service provider that provides electricity internetarus connection, and air conditioning, and a place to put the server rack. The server is fully owned by the customer and managed by the customer. Customers are not required to rent a server on the internet service provider. It is the responsibility of the customer to visit the data center. Perform hardware upgrades or other changes to the server collocation owned.

Well .. now I will introduce 5 Web Hosting In The World.

Lots of domains and web hosting providers that we can find both local and international companies. The price offered is diverse from each domain and web hosting provider from the inexpensive to the most expensive with different services. Any Hosting the best in the world?

We see Provider menduki first position as the best domain provider based on the number of users is:

1. with 32.54% market share and 35,365,239 total customer domain
2. with 2:33% market share and 2,530,484 total subscribers domain
3. with 2:06% market share and 2,244,091 total subscribers domain
4. with 1.8% market shrae and 1,954,734 total subscribers domain
5. with 1:59 1728734% market share of total domain ppelanggan.

And I will share is also 47 Domain and Webhosting Recommendations Top.

TLD (Top Level Domain) and Web Hosting for all bloggers have the desire to have a TLD specifically for custom domain blog to make it more professional look like well-known websites and not least for the users of CMS (Content Management System) and others will be a must for has self hosting that has been made, but you know, there are 47 providers of Domain and Webhosting most recommended Google today, from various countries of origin, you can choose a web hosting india, web hosting uk, web hosting canada, russia best hosting, hosting Spain and top web hosting india.

The following is from 47 Domain and Webhosting The Top Recommendations:

Similarly, a brief explanation of what is meant by HOSTING, or Domain, 5 Hosting the World and 47 Domain and Webhosting Recommendations Top entire world, may be useful for all of us, do not forget Bookmark this blog to get more recommendations, and please SHARE to your friends, they need, thanks.

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